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Classic Video Games - Do you love classic video games? Are you an underground gamer bent on high scores and massive cartridge collections. Thi

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Classic Video Games

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Manager: john14
Do you love classic video games? Are you an underground gamer bent on high scores and massive cartridge collections. This ring consist of sites that deal with Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Odyssey, or any other 8-bit system, you owe it to yourself to remember the classics!

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Rick Levine - Developer of Microsurgeon
Richard S. Levine (Rick Levine. Created Mattel Electronics Bowling (handheld game), Microsurgeon, Truckin', and PBA Bowling for Mattel Intellivision. Also Microsurgeon for TI 99/4a computer...I attended the 2003 Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Very fun...I am currently writing science fiction.
Game In Hand Classics
Site features highlights from my retro handheld, tabletop, and other vintage retro games including Nintendo G&W games, games by Bandai, Casio, Tomy Gakken, etc. Many, many pictures, games for sale, forum, guest book and much, much more
The Emerald Star Post
TESP is one of the best Sources for Offical Classic Sonic Animation Information, Offical Classic Game information and Classic information. We also have what appears to be the FIRST Sonic AUDIO ADVENTURE SERIES! We pride ourselfes on being a Site that is in close contact with the visters and Classic Sonic fans.
Adept Software Classic Games
Home of the classic games Jetpack, Squarez, and God of Thunder.
A site dedicated to looking back at classic video game gaming and reviews of various games using modern systems.

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Classic Video Games

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