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Magick Happens! - A ring for all who believe that we co-create our lives and our world with the God & Goddess and that Magic Happens! Whet

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Magick Happens!

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Manager: catanna
A ring for all who believe that we co-create our lives and our world with the God & Goddess and that Magic Happens! Whether you use Pagan rituals, Wiccan spells, creative visualization, Reiki or shamanic journeying, together we can change the world!

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   Money Spells & Rituals Preview Go
Spells, rituals and visualizations to attract money & success, money drawing spell books & gemstone correspondences.
   Magical Spells for a Joyous Yule & Happy New Year Preview Go
Spells and magickal workings for Winter Solstice & the Yuletide season and links to Pagan & Wiccan spellbooks and inspirational music
   Subliminal Software: make your own custom CDs Preview Go
Create your own Professional Subliminal CDs at Home with Subliminal Studio software

   Journey To Wild Divine magical computer game Preview Go
The first inner-active computer adventure that combines ancient breathing and meditation techniques with modern biofeedback technology. Build stairways with your breath, meditate to open doors and juggle balls with your laughter. Don't think you can do it? No worries ~ characters within The Journey teach you how! For both PC and Mac.
   Pure Energy Magic Spells, Rituals & Potions! Preview Go
Beautifully crafted energy magic spells, potion recipes, rituals, meditations, mp3s, symbol galleries, online wishing well, free divination & more - come visit!
   Wheel of the Year - Pagan Holidays Preview Go
A site for Wiccans, Witches, eclectic Pagans or anyone who wants to to become more attuned to the cycles of nature. Sabbat traditions and lore, rituals, spells, decorating, gifts, recipes, music, Pagan greeting cards and an extensive & descriptive list of books to inspire you. Home of the Pagan Holidays webring.
   Pagan Pride Day Preview Go
Meet fellow Pagans, drum, dance, eat, shop and participate in workshops & an awesome harvest circle ritual in New York City. Check out our growing list of links to Pagan Pride Day celebrations all over the US & Canada.
   Joyous Yule! Celebrating the Winter Solstice Preview Go
Yuletide cheer and magickal light in the midst of winter. Traditions, spells, rituals, music, gifts, recipes, books, Pagan greeting cards and links. Home of the Pagan Holiday Ring.
   Winged Bast, a Cat Goddess Preview Go
A tribute to the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast and mystical magickal felines everywhere. Art, ritual, history, lore, spirituality & magickal resources.
   Paganism for Beginners Preview Go
An introduction to natural magick for seekers interested in exploring Pantheism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Shamanism or any earth-based spiritual path. Includes and extensive & descriptive list of recommended Pagan & Wiccan books.

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