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GURPS - THE place to come for GURPS information, strategy, GURPS paraphanalia, and more.


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   The Daniverse: Core Group Annex Preview Go
GURPS GMing multiverse, covering World of Darkness, Cyberpunk, Space, Time Travel, Fantasy and more...Campaign Settings, Campaigns, Adventures, Characters, House Rules, GM Resources, GMing Tips, etc.
   Missiledine's Games Preview Go
Home of my Velitrium Campaign, an ongoing GURPS Fantasy campaign set in a world of my own creation. It is also host to a GURPS Science Fiction campaign based on Battlestar Galactica (The Original Series) and a Historical Fantasy set in the Golden Age of Piracy.
   Mark's Eye on the Web Preview Go
4th Empire of Man campaign description, GURPSnet Vehicle of the Week in HTML

   Paul's Space Rangers Home Page Preview Go
Information on GURPS, Roleplaying, Tim Powers, Science of Mind,and Amtrak stories.
   GURPSNPC Preview Go
A VB5 program that generates random NPC's designed for the GURPS rpg system. Can vary Genre, Points used, and focus of character (Combat/Magic/Skills etc.)
   G.U.R.P.S. - A good way to waste my time. Preview Go
This page contains a few of my characters and a fairly detailed background of a time travel campaign that I am running. It is a constantly growing collection of semi-worthless (well to most sane people) collection of odds and ends.
   Kazear Starship Corperation Preview Go
The official Corperated site for Kazear Starship Corperation, Based in the Moytra system, Gushemege Sector. This site will feature KSC origanal designs,visiter submitions and even old TRAVELLER (Ling Standard) ships converted to GT rules.
   The World of Kalyr Preview Go
Kalyr is my original campaign world, loosely inspired by the works Jack Vance and Gene Wolfe. Features a lot of psionics, arcane technologies, rumours of inter-dimensional gateways and more.
   MiB - Men in Black for GURPS Preview Go
GURPS MiB Campaign. also contains some information about GURPS MiB that I am developing (in Portuguese)
   Humanity Fractured Preview Go
A detailed universe of a GURPS Space universe with information, stats, tips, maps, and adventures. Also a link to the New Tricks campaign website based on he universe

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