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Classic Video Games - Do you love classic video games? Are you an underground gamer bent on high scores and massive cartridge collections. Thi

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Classic Video Games

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Manager: john14
Do you love classic video games? Are you an underground gamer bent on high scores and massive cartridge collections. This ring consist of sites that deal with Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Odyssey, or any other 8-bit system, you owe it to yourself to remember the classics!

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   The Player's Portal Preview Go
Pinball! Console, Computer, and Arcade pinball games to play on your PC. Emulators, roms, screenshots, and much more!
   Luther's Video Game Collection Preview Go
My website has info and pics on many systems from the ancient Channel F to the "futuristic" Virtual Boy.
   Games'n'Models Preview Go
Hobbies site - Includes retro style games written by me using 'Div"

   Mercury Technologies Video Game Buy Sell Trade Page Preview Go
A great site for buying, selling, and trading classic video games. The focus is primarily on the Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, NES, and Sega Master system. Quite a good selection of Atari 2600 games available, at low prices.
   Welcome to the wonderful world of my Atari Preview Go
Here you will find good links(where i spend most of my Atari time)+trades for the Atari 8-bit,Lynx,Jaguar
   Atari Troll's Website Preview Go
Page full of Atari 2600 fun, Hacks, Hacking Rom tools such as Hack-O-Matic and Hack-O-Matic ][. Check out page two of the hacks that I have published and pics of rare carts etc have fun!
   The Mad Cumbrian's ZX Spectrum Web Site Preview Go
Welcome. Here you will find a variety of ZX Sprectum related material, like its history, copyright details etc; not to mention all those FREE GAMES. I'm begging you, PLEASE visit my site. Ta.
Collection of various machines, pictures, some screenshots and pics of the internals of the machines.
   Nintendo Haven Preview Go
Building a website to rival all other Nintendo websites. Trying to bring back Nintendo to all those 20-somethings who grew up playing it.
   Dole's Intellivision Page Preview Go
A site dedicated to Intellivision. Includes game reviews, pictures, a listing of Intellivision games, links, and my collection.

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